Prepared for the Urbanathlon? We sure are!

We are so pumped for the Urbanathlon put on by Men’s Health Magazine; A man’s guide to women, sex, fitness, nutrition, health and muscle building from the world’s largest men’s magazine! The Urbanathlon will be hitting Chicago, New York, and San Francisco end of October / Early November with challenges that will truly test your endurance. Don’t get us wrong, we Rush49ers are all about 5k obstacle, mud runs, color runs, what have you – but this my friend, is a beast of a challenge. A 10 mile run that HIGHLY encourages you to train. Seriously, you’re going to want to watch some of these videos and invest some time into preparing for this monster. But it is such a payoff when you hit the finish.

What is awesome right now about our Rush49 deal, is that the price INCLUDES the processing fee. So that is $95 flat – no more additional charges, heck no, nada, nothing! Also, Rush is offering that if you buy five tickets or more in one transaction, we’ll hit you the 6th ticket on the house. That means, pull your friends together and start training NOW – because with a discount like this you’ll have no excuse!

Ladies, this is not just for the boys. Dust off your sneakers and get ready to show them that you can act like a lady, but play just as hard as the boys. Some key things to focus on are going to be ‘strength, power, and endurance’ – and that is according to Pete Holman, the director of RIP training, TRX. As Pete explains, “You are going to need to be able to run, climb and jump if you want to compete in the Urbanathlon.” Watch this video and be sure to grab your tickets from

Get a deal on a deal……


Rush49 is known for already giving you great deals on the services and events that you love.

Well now, You can save even more by shopping with us.

We have now introduced Coupon codes.  This is a way to get more of a deal on the services that you want.

Look below and go ahead and use the codes at the checkout screen to save you much more.

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These are some of the other coupons,

IMAGINESEATTLE10 – Save $10 on Imagine Lifestyles Seattle deal when you buy 2 or more!!

FLIGHT5 – Save $5 on a champagne filled flight when you but 2 or more.

STRAIGHT50 – Save $50 on our Invisalign deal

There are more, a lot more. If you would like to find a discount code for your favorite deal, please contact and I will personally give you a discount code.

Dallas Lynn is back!!

A few months back, Rush49 featured an epic deal from fitness trainer Dallas Lynn.

Now, Dallas is back!!!

He has brought along with him 2 deals that you all really should check out.

Why?  Well because both of his deals let you bring a friend along for the fitness fun.

It’s easier to get through anything when you have a friend along.  That is the idea behind our 2 new deals.

The first one is simple.

You and a friend (or enemy) get a one on one session with Dallas Lynn for only $35!!

What does this include?
A personal training session at your home or a public park near you for you (+1 friend) including,

15 minutes of personal fitness consultation
55 minutes of boot camp style personal training

The 2nd deal is still as awesome as they come!!!!
2 At home personal training sessions for up to two people!!
This deal includes the same thing as the first deal, except for the fact that you get 2 sessions instead of 1.     All for only $59!!
So lace up those shoes, strap a headband on, call a friend over and get started.

You have nothing to lose but the pounds.(and possibly a friend who hates sweating)

San Diego and Orange County Deals

We are doing it!!

Rush49 is growing!!!

We’ve had a few deals that include things to do out-of-town like the Tomato Battles and the Vegas Wine and Food Festival.
We are now expanding to include regular everyday deals around The O.C. and even San Diego.  Check them out below.

For those of you who might live in and around San Diego, check out our latest deal for The Yoga Factory.

You’ll get a 5 pack of beach yoga or Pilates classes that are definitely well worth your time. You can also check out their deal for a 30 day Boot Camp Challenge.

For those of you in The O.C., we haven’t forgotten about you.

Check out this deal provided by Belle Haven Salon in Costa Mesa.
$99 gets you a Keratin Treatment that will get your hair smooth as silk and healthy to boot!!

These deals are great for residents because now you all have a chance to see what great deals Rush49
We also believe that it’s a great way for visitors to learn about a new place. Buy a deal, go on vacation and enjoy yourself.

Health and fitness starts with you.

Recently at Rush49, we’ve been on a fitness kick. Well, OK, not really, but some of us in the office have been eating better, biking to work and we have even been offering more deals that have to do with getting in shape.

We’ve also been lucky enough to come across a gym named Function 5 Fitness which is located in the Mid Wilshire section of Los Angeles.  Check out their website.

Right about now you are asking “Why is there a 5 in the name?” Good question. Here is the answer.

Function 5 Fitness believes in the 5 pillars of Fitness & Health. They are:

1. Nutrition

2. Purpose & Focus

3. Strength & Conditioning

4. Sport & Play

5. Rest & Recovery 

Function 5’s whole goal is to help clients take charge of their lives by achieving physical goals, learning a healthier way to live and being a part of a positive, supportive community.

We believe this is a great way to get in shape. Doing anything without support of others is never a good idea and just gets people unhappy and confused. Being part of a community will help you in the long run to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

To help you start on the road to those goals, check out the 2 deals we have for Function 5 Fitness.

You can start out slow by taking 5 Muay Thai or Kettlbells classes for only $39.  Click Here.
You can go whole hog and get a deal for 3 full months for only $279. That’s almost $400 off what you would normally pay. Click Here.

Tomato Battle!

Many times throughout the year people gather in their worn out shoes and clothes and get ready for battle. A tomato battle that is. A few times a year more than 5,000 people get together with more than 300,000 pounds of tomatoes and go to battle! Currently this epic crimson battle takes place in California in San Diego, Irvine Lake and Alameda County Fairgrounds. It also takes place in Portland, Denver, Chicago and Texas.

The Tomato Battle was founded in honor of the traditions of Spain’s La Tomatina tomato-throwing festival and Germany’s Oktoberfest. Festivities commence at noon with registration and opening, followed by live entertainment and a costume contest. At 4:00 p.m., soldiers donning bathing suits, safety goggles, and well-treaded shoes converge on piles of past-ripe tomatoes and set about pelting people with fruits. Beats and beer flow until past 7 p.m.
If this hasn’t been convincing enough check out the Tomato Battle’s Website Here

Below is a list of tomato battles to ketchup on.

For Tomato Battle Northern California, Click here

Not to be outdone, Irvine will have their own battle. Click here for tickets.

Bring pan handle sized tomato’s to The Lone Star State. For Tomato Battle Texas, click here.

Check out a deal for the Tomato Battle in Chicago, click here


Click here to buy your tickets for the battle in Seattle (yes, that rhymed!).

We think you will have fun hurling fruit at your fellow compatriots.  In fact, we guarantee it!  After all, beer will be flowing afterwards so any wounds that you may have suffered will be completely numbed.

Cross over to Crossfit today!

Focus Self Defense will keep you focused on your fitness goals!

The trainers at Focus Self Defense teach Crossfit and Krav Maga classes each day. This combination of self-defense and self-discipline will have you in top shape by the end of the month. Crossfit is a strength and conditioning brand that combines weightlifting, sprinting, gymnastics, powerlifting, kettle bell training, plyometric, rowing, and medicine ball training. Crossfit works to increase cardiovascular strength as well as increase your muscular tone. Krav Maga utilizes a self-defense basis adapted from the Israeli military. Mix Crossfit and Krav Maga and you will be a lean mean machine!

As an athlete this is worth every penny in my book. Crossfit increased my overall strength and got me ready for the summer months away from my trainer. Once kettle bells have become a staple in your workouts you will wonder why you didn’t cross over to Crossfit a long time ago.

Come out to Focus Self Defense and experience the craze of Crossfit and Krav Maga today!

Check out our deal with Focus Self Defense Here

Check out our latest deal Now!

Credit to Crossfit Thoroughbreds for the picture.

We heart Dherbs

Rush49 has a new healthy deal, and we think its awesome!!  But what about the store behind the deal?  Dherbs, located in Culver city has a website where you can find everything health related.  Visit them online here and you can start your journey to a healthier, more fit person.

The online store is a healthipedia of information on everything from love and relationships to meditation and cleanses.  It’s a laid out in a neat array of links on the side.  There is an articles section that will tell you everything you need to know about what ails you.

The online store itself is a great place to peruse as it has everything spiritual and health related.  We recommend taking some time to read all the information about the products, and some of the articles as well.

We’re happy to have Dherbs on board and hope they will stay for a long time.

Check out Dherbs first Rush49 deal here.  We think it’ll help you get ready for summer in no time!!