Month: May 2012

We heart Self-Myofascial Release

A hard to say word that simply stands for foam rolling.

In an SMR class, you use your own body weight to your advantage to ease stress and tension.

Rush49 has been given the opportunity to run a foam rolling class taught by Heather Binns, CPT.  If you would like to sign up for the class, click here.

I personally didn’t even know this type of class existed until a few weeks ago, but asking around and talking to people here and there, I’m noticing that more people know about this than I thought.  Are you one of them?

So enjoy your day, get healthy, and if you get the chance, check out the SMR class on June 10th…It stands to be a fun time.

We heart Memorial Day Weekend

Hopefully by the time you read this, all you lucky people are enjoying your 3, 4 or even 6 day weekend (yep, it happens)

What are you going to do during this long Memorial Day Weekend?  Go out with friends?  Find something new to do?  Stay in and BBQ? (our favorite idea)

We think that you should take some time out this weekend to observe what Memorial Day is for.  Show some respect for any soldier that you might come upon…and if you have some time, visit a war memorial and pay your respects.

You can find a list of memorials here.  There are tons around Los Angeles so there should be one close to you.

Enjoy your weekend, have fun….observe accordingly, and as always, be careful if you drink.

We heart mom!!!

Mothers Day was on Sunday, and we have one question for you.  How did you spend that day?

Were you fortunate enough to have a mother close to you in town?  If so, did you do something special for her on the day of all days where you should of let her sleep in and brought her breakfast in bed?  If that’s what you did, then pat yourself on the back for the awesomeness that your mother gave you during birth.  That would be the greatest thing to do.

Unfortunately, Most people live far away from the mom in their lives.  What are you to do when that happens?  Well, you should of at least called her to wish her a beautiful Mothers Day!!

When your mom is so far away, its nice to at least acknowledge the existence of the day with a call, and now with the advent of new technology…an E-card, Face Time or at least a Skype session.  hopefully something like that happened.

If your reading this post and are saying something like “oh crap, yesterday was mothers day”, then slap yourself, get on the phone and say hi to the woman that gave birth to you.  At least try to lie to her and say that you were so busy being a good kid that you totally forgot about the day.  Maybe then you should be able to redeem yourself.

As for mom, Cherish her, she is your one and only…..

We here at Rush49 salute moms everywhere.  Happy Mothers Day!!!

We heart likes

Rush49 has been up and running since February.  We offer some of the most awesome deals that Los Angeles has to offer.  but we are not just a website  We have Iphone and Android apps and a and a network of affiliates all over LA.  But did you also know that we also have a Facebook page?

Yep!!!  And the easiest way to get first dibs on all the new deals is to “like” our page.  do that here

We plan on doing some awesome contests and give a ways in the near future, so like our page and be first on the scene when the free stuff starts flowing!!!

We heart Believe Fitness

Recently, very recently…Rush49 came across a company in El Segundo.  Believe Fitness Studio, and they have 2 amazing deals for you.  One is Anti Gravity Yoga and the other is an Aerial Fitness class.

Whats amazing to me is that these types of classes actually exist.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to excercise in the form of play and pretend your running away to the circus.

Just talking to one of the teachers, Dee, I was hooked.  I now have this extreme need to fly feet off the ground and have fun, laugh and get a great cardio workout in the process.  Dee was extremely helpful in creating the deal and you can tell that she loves what she does.

Please be kinda and check out Believe Fitness.  They are in El Segundo and well worth the trip.  Need a reason to go?  We have 2!!

Click here for the Aerial Fitness Class

Click here for the Anti Gravity Yoga Class

We heart YOU!!! Thank you

Yes L.A., we heart you…the great people that make the city of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas the best place to call home.

The great masses that share our FB posts, come to the site and simply love great deals.  We really do heart you.

We would love to individually thank you all, but in reality, that would take all day.  So instead…We here at Rush49 simple raise our glass in a toast to all the friends, family and customers that make  Rush49 the business it is.  A great one to be a part of.

Summer is here!!  Who will you be getting your deals from?