Prepared for the Urbanathlon? We sure are!

We are so pumped for the Urbanathlon put on by Men’s Health Magazine; A man’s guide to women, sex, fitness, nutrition, health and muscle building from the world’s largest men’s magazine! The Urbanathlon will be hitting Chicago, New York, and San Francisco end of October / Early November with challenges that will truly test your endurance. Don’t get us wrong, we Rush49ers are all about 5k obstacle, mud runs, color runs, what have you – but this my friend, is a beast of a challenge. A 10 mile run that HIGHLY encourages you to train. Seriously, you’re going to want to watch some of these videos and invest some time into preparing for this monster. But it is such a payoff when you hit the finish.

What is awesome right now about our Rush49 deal, is that the price INCLUDES the processing fee. So that is $95 flat – no more additional charges, heck no, nada, nothing! Also, Rush is offering that if you buy five tickets or more in one transaction, we’ll hit you the 6th ticket on the house. That means, pull your friends together and start training NOW – because with a discount like this you’ll have no excuse!

Ladies, this is not just for the boys. Dust off your sneakers and get ready to show them that you can act like a lady, but play just as hard as the boys. Some key things to focus on are going to be ‘strength, power, and endurance’ – and that is according to Pete Holman, the director of RIP training, TRX. As Pete explains, “You are going to need to be able to run, climb and jump if you want to compete in the Urbanathlon.” Watch this video and be sure to grab your tickets from

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