Happy Thanksgiving…..Let’s Party!!!

Happy Thanksgiving from Rush49

From us to you!!!  The following are a few deals that will make your holidays magical.

Get a 6 bottle in-home wine tasting for up to 10 people for only $49

Clean your house for less.  Get Power Cleaning for Homes or Apartments Under 2800 Sq. Feet for only $59

The deal is for LA itself, however, there are separate deals for San Diego, Dallas, Atlanta, DC and Chicago

Need an excuse to go to Las Vegas?

Thanks to, you can run around Sin City learning everything you can while having fun with your friends.

But wait…we also have deals in other cities like Seattle, and Miami.

For the ultimate party over 2 different days, there is always the Turkey Day Pub Crawl

This event is in San Francisco and is on Nov 21st and Nov 24th.  We suggest you head up there and meet new friends.

What ever you end up doing for this Thanksgiving turkey vacation, please do it safe and sound.  and if you do get a deal from Rush49, enjoy it and let us know how it was.

Till next Monday!!!


Feel the need for speed? Come to Auto Club Speedway

Imagine Lifestyles comes to Southern California!!!!

Starting November 8th head to Auto Club Speedway in Fontana.
You’ll be able to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari or a Lamborghini…or…if your adventurous…Go for the gusto and do both.

Take a spin around Autoclub Speedway and see what is it about exotic cars that makes people craving more. You’ll get instruction on how to handle the car and then jump into a Tiptronic car, which requires no manual shifting skills, to cruise around the stadium for three laps. This is a rear opportunity to propel the cars to high speeds without interruptions from pedestrians and pesky police.

To get behind the wheel, all you have to do is click here to buy.

you can either choose to sit in the drivers seat of one car…or both…It’s all up to you.
The Fun starts on Nov 8th…but get your tickets now!!!

Cross over to Crossfit today!

Focus Self Defense will keep you focused on your fitness goals!

The trainers at Focus Self Defense teach Crossfit and Krav Maga classes each day. This combination of self-defense and self-discipline will have you in top shape by the end of the month. Crossfit is a strength and conditioning brand that combines weightlifting, sprinting, gymnastics, powerlifting, kettle bell training, plyometric, rowing, and medicine ball training. Crossfit works to increase cardiovascular strength as well as increase your muscular tone. Krav Maga utilizes a self-defense basis adapted from the Israeli military. Mix Crossfit and Krav Maga and you will be a lean mean machine!

As an athlete this is worth every penny in my book. Crossfit increased my overall strength and got me ready for the summer months away from my trainer. Once kettle bells have become a staple in your workouts you will wonder why you didn’t cross over to Crossfit a long time ago.

Come out to Focus Self Defense and experience the craze of Crossfit and Krav Maga today!

Check out our deal with Focus Self Defense Here

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Credit to Crossfit Thoroughbreds for the picture.

We heart mom!!!

Mothers Day was on Sunday, and we have one question for you.  How did you spend that day?

Were you fortunate enough to have a mother close to you in town?  If so, did you do something special for her on the day of all days where you should of let her sleep in and brought her breakfast in bed?  If that’s what you did, then pat yourself on the back for the awesomeness that your mother gave you during birth.  That would be the greatest thing to do.

Unfortunately, Most people live far away from the mom in their lives.  What are you to do when that happens?  Well, you should of at least called her to wish her a beautiful Mothers Day!!

When your mom is so far away, its nice to at least acknowledge the existence of the day with a call, and now with the advent of new technology…an E-card, Face Time or at least a Skype session.  hopefully something like that happened.

If your reading this post and are saying something like “oh crap, yesterday was mothers day”, then slap yourself, get on the phone and say hi to the woman that gave birth to you.  At least try to lie to her and say that you were so busy being a good kid that you totally forgot about the day.  Maybe then you should be able to redeem yourself.

As for mom, Cherish her, she is your one and only…..

We here at Rush49 salute moms everywhere.  Happy Mothers Day!!!

We Heart Hair

Here at Rush49, we love hair!!

Whether it be a deal at Barber Dollz or a great deal on treatments at Anush Hair Design, Rush49 has all the deals to make your hair..and your skin love you back.

Get this deal today only at Anush Hair Design for only $69, a $350 value!! $69 for a Brazilian Keratin Treatment in Beverly Hills

If a color is more your style. Get a $77 Overall Color, a Deep Conditioning treatment and a Haircut from Hip Hair Designers at Barber Dollz.

Treat Yourself, Because We Heart You!!!