Health and fitness starts with you.

Recently at Rush49, we’ve been on a fitness kick. Well, OK, not really, but some of us in the office have been eating better, biking to work and we have even been offering more deals that have to do with getting in shape.

We’ve also been lucky enough to come across a gym named Function 5 Fitness which is located in the Mid Wilshire section of Los Angeles.  Check out their website.

Right about now you are asking “Why is there a 5 in the name?” Good question. Here is the answer.

Function 5 Fitness believes in the 5 pillars of Fitness & Health. They are:

1. Nutrition

2. Purpose & Focus

3. Strength & Conditioning

4. Sport & Play

5. Rest & Recovery 

Function 5’s whole goal is to help clients take charge of their lives by achieving physical goals, learning a healthier way to live and being a part of a positive, supportive community.

We believe this is a great way to get in shape. Doing anything without support of others is never a good idea and just gets people unhappy and confused. Being part of a community will help you in the long run to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

To help you start on the road to those goals, check out the 2 deals we have for Function 5 Fitness.

You can start out slow by taking 5 Muay Thai or Kettlbells classes for only $39.  Click Here.
You can go whole hog and get a deal for 3 full months for only $279. That’s almost $400 off what you would normally pay. Click Here.

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