Month: April 2012

We heart Earth Day!!

It’s Monday!!!  The day after Earth Day and we all hard at work here bringing you the best deals we can find from all around Los Angeles,

So the big question is…How did you spend your weekend?

Our fearless leader, Kumar, spent the weekend on a raw cleanse.  He said it made him feel very energetic, less bloated and just generally in a better mood.  He believes doing this lessened his carbon footprint and reliance on processed foods which hinder the body and the planet.

Matt, spend the weekend taking short walks here and there.  Saturday was spent helping a friend move and Sunday was spent at the local farmers market buying locally grown organics.

We do out part to help save the earth and bring you the best LA has to offer.

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We heart Dherbs

Rush49 has a new healthy deal, and we think its awesome!!  But what about the store behind the deal?  Dherbs, located in Culver city has a website where you can find everything health related.  Visit them online here and you can start your journey to a healthier, more fit person.

The online store is a healthipedia of information on everything from love and relationships to meditation and cleanses.  It’s a laid out in a neat array of links on the side.  There is an articles section that will tell you everything you need to know about what ails you.

The online store itself is a great place to peruse as it has everything spiritual and health related.  We recommend taking some time to read all the information about the products, and some of the articles as well.

We’re happy to have Dherbs on board and hope they will stay for a long time.

Check out Dherbs first Rush49 deal here.  We think it’ll help you get ready for summer in no time!!

Tag us and get free food from Allston Yacht Club

That’s right.  Its our way of giving back to you guys.  If you haven’t added us on FB yet, do so here.

We want to see and be tagged in your pictures of food.  Yum!!!

The best picture will get a deal to the Allston Yacht Club.  Yep, $40 worth of free food (and wine) just for tagging us in your picture.  The contest will run untill 5:30 P.M. on Thursday April 19th and we will announce the winner on Friday.

Get ready to tag….but this time you’ll be it.

We heart digital Tupac at Coachella

I was surfing the internet last night and I kept noticing still frames from Star Wars being posted.  The image where R2D2 gets knocked around and shows a hologram of Princess Lea.  But instead of Lea, it was just a random figure with his arms up.  It took me a while (and a few questions) to figure out….It was Tupac!!!  in hologram form!!!

He materialized during Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre’s set and then vanished just the same.

The amount of time and effort that went into bringing a long gone singer back is astronomical.

If you haven’t seen it.   Look at the video

We Heart Hair

Here at Rush49, we love hair!!

Whether it be a deal at Barber Dollz or a great deal on treatments at Anush Hair Design, Rush49 has all the deals to make your hair..and your skin love you back.

Get this deal today only at Anush Hair Design for only $69, a $350 value!! $69 for a Brazilian Keratin Treatment in Beverly Hills

If a color is more your style. Get a $77 Overall Color, a Deep Conditioning treatment and a Haircut from Hip Hair Designers at Barber Dollz.

Treat Yourself, Because We Heart You!!!