Month: August 2012

Sin City Beer Fest!! – That’s Vegas and Beer!!

That’s right!!!  Rush49 has another Vegas Deal.

What’s better than Vegas?  Well…nothing, but if your into Micro brews and pint’s of beer then this is the festival for you!!!

Mark you calendar for September 21st…That’s when it all happens.

And we guarantee, this is no regular piddly clear cup bear fest.  You’ll get full pints of bear to taste test and you’ll be able to roam around Rumor Las Vegas.

Check out the Sin City Beer Festival site, plan your trip, then go to Rush49’s website to buy your discounted tickets.

Dallas Lynn is back!!

A few months back, Rush49 featured an epic deal from fitness trainer Dallas Lynn.

Now, Dallas is back!!!

He has brought along with him 2 deals that you all really should check out.

Why?  Well because both of his deals let you bring a friend along for the fitness fun.

It’s easier to get through anything when you have a friend along.  That is the idea behind our 2 new deals.

The first one is simple.

You and a friend (or enemy) get a one on one session with Dallas Lynn for only $35!!

What does this include?
A personal training session at your home or a public park near you for you (+1 friend) including,

15 minutes of personal fitness consultation
55 minutes of boot camp style personal training

The 2nd deal is still as awesome as they come!!!!
2 At home personal training sessions for up to two people!!
This deal includes the same thing as the first deal, except for the fact that you get 2 sessions instead of 1.     All for only $59!!
So lace up those shoes, strap a headband on, call a friend over and get started.

You have nothing to lose but the pounds.(and possibly a friend who hates sweating)

San Diego and Orange County Deals

We are doing it!!

Rush49 is growing!!!

We’ve had a few deals that include things to do out-of-town like the Tomato Battles and the Vegas Wine and Food Festival.
We are now expanding to include regular everyday deals around The O.C. and even San Diego.  Check them out below.

For those of you who might live in and around San Diego, check out our latest deal for The Yoga Factory.

You’ll get a 5 pack of beach yoga or Pilates classes that are definitely well worth your time. You can also check out their deal for a 30 day Boot Camp Challenge.

For those of you in The O.C., we haven’t forgotten about you.

Check out this deal provided by Belle Haven Salon in Costa Mesa.
$99 gets you a Keratin Treatment that will get your hair smooth as silk and healthy to boot!!

These deals are great for residents because now you all have a chance to see what great deals Rush49
We also believe that it’s a great way for visitors to learn about a new place. Buy a deal, go on vacation and enjoy yourself.

Our Best New Deals

If you haven’t been to Rush49 in a few weeks, you’ve been missing out on all the great deals that have been made live.

Instead of making you head all the way to our website –Rush49, we figured we would bring all the fabulous deals to you via this blog.

Get a full month of worldwide golf without even leaving a building – Click here for a 30 day membership to Players Gold Club in Santa Monica

For those that want their kid to be a PGA star, you can buy two 30 minute golf lessons for only $15.

Make sure your car is riding right –Click here for a discount on a car alignment, tire rotation plus brake and suspension check
Once your car is riding right, make sure it’s protected with an alarm system fulling installed for only $149

For those of you who might still be trying to work out that holiday fat almost 9 months later…The following deals are for you.

For $40, you can get three one hour personal training sessions – Just Remember this is in Orange County.
Want to stay at home and still work off that fat? – Try this 30 day accelerated weight loss program.
We also have a personal training deal for those of you in the Los Angeles area – $59 gets you an at home training session with a trainer to the stars.
If yoga is more your style, $79 gets you 10 deep breathing and meditation classes with Body and Brain Holistic Wellness.

Of course, being Rush49 and being known for all of our Health and Beauty deals…we saved the best for last
For $69, you can get a deep conditioning treatment, Color and a cut at Barber Dollz in Hollywood.
If facials are more your thing, we have those too
Get great deals in the South Bay at Skin Care by Iliana – A LighStim Therapy deal for only $69, or a Microdermabrasion for only $59! Both will leave you feeling relaxed and your face feeling young and supple.

If Hollywood and Los Feliz are more your stomping grounds, check out these deals by Cinema Wellness:A $39 teen facial or a $30 Sun Damage Facial. Both are well worth it.
As always, be sure to check out Rush49 daily.  Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for all the news, deals and fun that can be had.

Invisalign your teeth

Dr. Ebi Nikjoo is offering a special deal for Invisalign treatment to Rush49 members.

To reach Dr. Nikjoo, please contact him at 310-208-8551

Dr. Ebi Nikjoo DDS is currently a part time Clinical Instructor at the University of Southern California School of Dentistry. He is a Graduate of USC School of Dentistry. Prior to studying at Dental School, he attended and concluded his undergraduate studies at UCLA with honors. After graduating from dental school, he set out to change the tired and old image of dentistry by making the visit to the dentist relaxing and comfortable experience. He has a deep passion for dentistry and has always been on the cutting edge of the ever changing field. His participation in countless continuing education courses and his close affiliation with USC’s Dental School has kept him abreast of the latest techniques. Although he enjoys all aspects of dentistry his main passion is cosmetic dentistry where he can truly practice the art he has devoted his life to. He enjoys getting to know every one of his patients and is a firm believer of treating everyone with the upmost respect and compassion. Dr. Nikjoo practices from two locations (Westwood & Tarzana)

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a method to straighten teeth by wearing sets of clear plastic aligners. It is an invisible alternative to traditional ceramic or metal braces, and is suitable for teens and adults. The Invisalign aligners are changed approximately every two weeks. Each set of aligners puts different pressure on different teeth at different stages during treatment. The aligners are worn constantly except to eat and brush teeth.

How does Invisalign work?

The treatment process for Invisalign is basically as follows:

  1. You go to your dentist and they take rubber impressions of your teeth, along with photos of your teeth at different angles. These are sent to Invisalign.
  2. Invisalign develops a 3D computer model of your teeth ‘as is’.
  3. Invisalign works with your dentist to develop a similar 3D computer model of how you teeth should be, and also the actual path that your teeth must move in order to move from the starting position to the ending position. This animation is known as the ‘clincheck’, and you will usually get a copy of it to watch on your own computer.
  4. Your teeth can safely move approximately 0.25mm every 2 weeks, so they take snapshots of your teeth during the animation at 2 weekly intervals. Invisalign makes plastic moulds (aligners) to represent these snapshots, so the end result is a customized sequence of plastic moulds to go from the current position of your teeth to the perfect position.
  5. You wear each plastic aligner for 2 weeks before discarding it, and your teeth gradually change position according to your ClinCheck. You have regular appointments with your dentist to ensure that your teeth are moving according to the treatment plan.
  6. At the end of the treatment duration, your teeth should be straight!

Call 310-208-8551 to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Ebi Nikjoo

You may also check out the deals that Dr. Nikjoo is running with Rush49 here.

Whale Watching

If you ever get a chance, go to Newport Beach to go whale watching.  It is definitely a one in a lifetime experience.

Southern California has whale watching experiences all year round. In the winter, you can see Grey Whales. In the spring, you can see Humpback’s and in the summer, you can see North Pacific Blue and Fin Whales.

The best place for a whale watching trip is almost always Orange County.  Newport Beach has a few companies that do excursions and they leave every few hours. The best part is, even if you don’t see a whale, you are definitely going to see Dolphins and Sea Lions right around the boat.

Go at the right time of day too, and the boat won’t be crowded, so you will be able to run from side to side (walk slowly, it is a boat after all) to get the best view possible.

For more information regarding where and when you will see specific sea life, click here.