We heart Memorial Day Weekend

Hopefully by the time you read this, all you lucky people are enjoying your 3, 4 or even 6 day weekend (yep, it happens)

What are you going to do during this long Memorial Day Weekend?  Go out with friends?  Find something new to do?  Stay in and BBQ? (our favorite idea)

We think that you should take some time out this weekend to observe what Memorial Day is for.  Show some respect for any soldier that you might come upon…and if you have some time, visit a war memorial and pay your respects.

You can find a list of memorials here.  There are tons around Los Angeles so there should be one close to you.

Enjoy your weekend, have fun….observe accordingly, and as always, be careful if you drink.

We heart Earth Day!!

It’s Monday!!!  The day after Earth Day and we all hard at work here bringing you the best deals we can find from all around Los Angeles,

So the big question is…How did you spend your weekend?

Our fearless leader, Kumar, spent the weekend on a raw cleanse.  He said it made him feel very energetic, less bloated and just generally in a better mood.  He believes doing this lessened his carbon footprint and reliance on processed foods which hinder the body and the planet.

Matt, spend the weekend taking short walks here and there.  Saturday was spent helping a friend move and Sunday was spent at the local farmers market buying locally grown organics.

We do out part to help save the earth and bring you the best LA has to offer.

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