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Rush49’s Holiday Mixer – An Entrepreneurial expreience

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When Rush49 throws an event, we go all out!!!

Our founder, Kumar, is an Alumni at LMU and had the grand idea to throw a holiday mixer, bring in all the LMU alumni in his class and get together to share great ideas about business.

The event was also open to entrepreneurs in the LA area.  The idea was that everyone would have some new faces to meet and discuss business ideas and start-ups!

It was an event where you could have a discussion or pitch an idea and get honest feedback regarding your idea.

Ideas were discussed and friendships were formed.

If you missed the last event, don’t worry!!!

There will be more events in the new year.  We will be inviting people soon so get ready to come bearing your brain and ready to discuss some new ideas regarding how a business could run or just different ideas you may have.

To be invited to the next event, simply become a friend of ours on Facebook. We will be posting more events in the new year and hope to see you there.

Preparing for launch.

Rush49 is gearing up for our hard launch in February! Our team wanted to launch with a bang, so we decided to host a Happy Hour shindig at HQ! We are in the throes of party planning, website improvements, social media blasts, sales calls and countless emails. Needless to say the office has been a little wild! So wild, we have become a bit outrageous with our ideas.

Outrageous idea numero uno: We’re considering buying a gong. That’s right a gong. The first question that should come to mind is, “Why would Rush49 need a gong”? We think it would be a stupendous  incentive for sales. Picture this, each time the sales team finalizes a deal, they ring the gong. I mean let’s get real, who wouldn’t want to hit a gong?

What do you say, should Rush49 buy an office gong?!

Remember to vote in Rush49’s “Best of LA” contest,  because every vote counts!  We’ve got some of our favorite local-to-LA charities, tapas restaurants, veggie restaurants and much more, happy voting!