Best charities in LA

Preparing for launch.

Rush49 is gearing up for our hard launch in February! Our team wanted to launch with a bang, so we decided to host a Happy Hour shindig at HQ! We are in the throes of party planning, website improvements, social media blasts, sales calls and countless emails. Needless to say the office has been a little wild! So wild, we have become a bit outrageous with our ideas.

Outrageous idea numero uno: We’re considering buying a gong. That’s right a gong. The first question that should come to mind is, “Why would Rush49 need a gong”? We think it would be a stupendous  incentive for sales. Picture this, each time the sales team finalizes a deal, they ring the gong. I mean let’s get real, who wouldn’t want to hit a gong?

What do you say, should Rush49 buy an office gong?!

Remember to vote in Rush49’s “Best of LA” contest,  because every vote counts!  We’ve got some of our favorite local-to-LA charities, tapas restaurants, veggie restaurants and much more, happy voting!