Meet our crew.

Meet the Director of Marketing, Eddie Lee (AKA E. Lee)

We sat down with Eddie, and asked the sometimes shy, business guru by day, ninja by night, a few questions. Here is what he had to say:

Hometown: New York City
School: UPenn
Biggest pet peeve? People who take what (and who) they have for granted; people who complain about everything.
Best thing about working at Rush49? Facing the inherent challenges of launching a local consumer web marketing business (we would have guessed the casual dress code).
What did you eat for breakfast? Omelet with Swiss cheese and spinach, and a bowl of mixed brown & red rice with marinara sauce.
Favorite super hero? Jeremy Lin (you would).
On a Saturday I am likely to be: On a trail somewhere and, preferably, not too far from the ocean or a bar.  Definitely a bar.

There you have it folks, an insight into the mysterious E. Lee.

A big thank you goes to Eddie for sitting down with us!

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