classy pizza

Launch Party Pizza.

We’re hosting a Launch party at HQ next week. With mostly guys in the office, we have suffered a few setbacks in regards to party planning. For example:

Kumar (Founder): So, next Friday, we’re having a party. Should we get some food?

Eddie (Pizza lover, New Yorker): We should get pizza from Stella Rossa.

(Awkward Pause)

Kumar: Pizza? Isn’t this suppose to be a classy event?

Eddie: It’s not what you’re thinking. Stella Rossa has classy pizza.

Jen: What are we going to put the pizza on, assuming they come in boxes?

Eddie: We could wrap the table in parchment paper (he means white butcher paper, not the non-stick material used for baking) and put the pizzas directly on that.

Kumar: Hmmm, yea that could work.

Jen: (Pause, looks up)

Eddie: What?

Jen: I’m just trying to picture walking into a party with pizzas on butcher paper. No, we shouldn’t do that.

—All nod in agreement, yes to pizza. Jen makes a note reminding the team to purchase plates for the pizzas.–

Jen: Well we could have black and white cupcakes, too. That’s classy.

Kumar: (Looks at Crumbs Bake Shop’s website) $4.50 for a cupcake?! No way.

Jen: If we get the mini sampler, it’s cheaper.

Kumar: OK.


As you can see we’re working with two guys who know very little about parties, and a girl who spent the last year of her life in Albania. We’re struggling to say the least!

If you have any resources for us, leave them in the comment section!

Crumbs- Black and White Cupcake