Piece Fest – Help Kids and have fun on Oct 13th

Rush49 is all about giving back to the community.  What better way to do that than to enjoy an art and music festival in Venice?  Add to that a live graffiti battle!!!

All this is to benefit The Graff Lab in Venice

The Graff Lab is an urban sanctuary for artists, kids, and adults that opened after the Los Angeles public school district cut its after-school art programs in 2006. World famous for its graffiti and aerosol art, the Graff Lab is dedicated to providing artists with a safe space to develop their skills. At the Graff Lab artists don’t have to worry about getting harassed by the police or by gangsters; they are free to concentrate on their craft.

On October 13, the Graff Lab is Hosting Piece Fest, A street art festival, Music Festival and even a live graffiti Battle taped for TV…This is all to benefit the Pico Union House Corp and Inner City Youth.

Join us for a day of fun, art, music and memories.
For discount tickets, head to Rush49 to get them for only $20.

This is a great opportunity to give back to the community that you live in and do something nice for others.

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