Spend 3 days in Vegas and be treated like royalty.

Very rarely does it occur that you leave Las Vegas with the same big smile that you went there with. We’ve all done it, got to Vegas, all excited on a Friday night for the weekend ahead.

Then…BAM!!  Sunday comes and you feel like you didn’t get anywhere you wanted during the weekend.  Your left at Denny’s eating a steak for $7.99.  You never got into any clubs and further more, no cabs even stopped for you.  Is that a way to spend your 3 day vacation in Vegas?  We think not.

What if you could leave Vegas happy though?  Would you do it? If you were given such an awesome deal that immediately made you smile…would you?  Of course you would.
That is where we come in.  Rush49 and Freeoffersinlasvegas.com have teamed up to offer a great deal on a stay in Vegas.  a 3 day / 2 night stay to be exact, along with other great amenities that will make you swoon like a school girl. We know you’ll smile while your soaking in the sun, enjoying pool parties, shows, delectable food, tours and even a limo ride.

So now you are asking “How much will this cost me and what exactly will I get?”

To which I will say to you “Calm down, I’m getting there”

This whole deal, which include 3 days, 2 nights at a Las Vegas resort, 2 Show Ticket, admission for 2 to 2 night clubs, admission for 2 to 2 pool parties and much more…Costs only $59.  I’ll wait for you to continue breathing.

You can check out the deal itself and all the amenities here

Check it out, then go to Vegas and enjoy the royal treatment.  It will be a weekend to remember.

Wish Rush49, we’ll get you behind the velvet rope.

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