Hair Placebo – How your hair can make you feel better.

Most people think that getting hair extensions or getting a Keratin treatment is only to make you look good.  There is another reason though.

I spoke with Anush who runs the famous Beverly Hills’ Anush Hair Design.

She has been in business for over 20 years, and knows how to make hair into a work of art! One of the things she told me was that hair extensions and a Keratin treatment work wonders for people who are going through chemotherapy.  They are not just a fashion statement any more!

If your hair is thinning or the chemo has made it fall out, then  adding a wig, or hair extensions will make it look and feel thicker. In a way it is a placebo effect If you look healthier, you will definitely feel healthier. The road to recovery starts with believing in yourself. Any little step you can take will do wonders for your mind, body and soul.

Getting a Keratin treatment also helps. Not only will it make your hair look better, the treatment will also help for growth, shine, and smoothness.

Unlike Brazilian Blowouts, Keratin does not contain formaldehyde, which is nasty in itself (come on, they put it in dead people to preserve them, why put it on a live person?).

Below is a testimonial to the magic of hair extensions for brittle or severely damaged hair, which I have taken directly off of Anush’s website. Keep in mind though any time your hair is damaged or thin, it doesn’t have to be from sickness, it is always wise to deal with it in the best manner possible.

“Anush has changed my life. As a result of a medication, my hair was so thin you could see right through it. It was so weak it would constantly break off. I came to Anush wanting extensions with some moderate hope. But Anush made my hair extraordinary and jaw-droppingly gorgeous! Thanks to her I now have super-thick silky hair that holds beautiful curls that everyone comments on it.
Now I understand how her work attracts celebrities. Not only does she do beautiful work, but she answers every question thoroughly. She has enormous experience of many years and it shows. I had gone to other salons before I met Anush, but I have to admit she is by far the best in terms of quality and experience. She also taught me how to maintain my hair, that makes a HUGE difference. Anush is the BEST…thanks again!
-Laurie E. Mcdaniel, Ph.D”

BTW if your hair needs help, we are here…well Anush is here to help!

Through Rush49 she is offering 2 deals,

 – One for customized hair extensions here.

 – The other for a Brazilian Keratin Treatment here.

Both of these deals will put a skip in your step and smile on that face when you look in the mirror and see a new you!


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