Be that guy on camera, and have fun.

Admit it, you want to be in the spot light….Well, at least in a good way.

Living in southern California, you cant throw a rock without hitting an actor, writer, comic or someone else in the biz.

So how do you get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice, Practice, Practice.  Take classes.  Hone your craft. Meet others in the business and surround yourself with those that you want to be like.

We just so happen to have an option, for those of you who feel as though a life as a TV host might be in order.  Jonathan Novack from Break Into TV and Rush49 have partnered to create an awesome deal for those that would like to know more about becoming a host.

Through our site, Jonathan is offering 1 hour of one on one coaching to help answer some questions regarding your TV host life purpose.  You may use that time to work on teleprompter, ad-libbing, co-hosting, interviewing, red carpet; you could even work on your resume or land an agent/manager.

So where do you start?  Click here!

We’ll see you in TV land!

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