Give Cancer the Finger!

Flipping the bird is a little harsh, but I think we can all agree that Cancer is an appropriate target to give the finger to!

Come out on June 16, 2012 in Los Angeles and Give Cancer the Finger in support of the WeSpark Organization. WeSpark works with cancer patients to combat the adverse effects that cancer takes on its victims. WeSpark works with all patients and their families to help them in their battles with cancer. Give Cancer the Finger is holding public photo opportunities for people to come out and raise the awareness about cancer throughout the country. So go ahead and Give Caner the Finger this upcoming Saturday in Los Angeles. 20$ will get you a photo opportunity to say F*** You to Cancer and a T-shirt. All proceeds will be donated to a local charity group in each city in which a photo shoot will be held.
The event location is still to be determined but check out the website, for updated event details or click Here!

Also to purchase a T-shirt package check out, all revenue from Rush49 for this package will be directly donated to Give Cancer the Finger. Get ready to Give Cancer the Finger!

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