We heart HipSwap.

PS Kaufman Crosswalk Shoe, sold on HipSwap

We love HipSwap! HipSwap is the new age swap meet. Basically it’s a mobile and web platform to buy and sell sweet stuff. You can find amazing vintage bags, boots, musical instruments, bikes, knickknacks and much more on their website! Or if your LA apt. is getting a bit cluttered, make some quick cash by selling that lamp your ex gave you, or those heels you never wear. We love the site because it makes selling goods and buying second-hand, easy and wallet-friendly. Not to mention they deliver your purchased goods –if you can wear it or comfortably hold it in your hands– to your door in a PINK mustache van! If you live in LA, chances are you’ve spotted this baby on the road!

Mixte 3 Bike, sold on HipSwap

Rush49 decided to have some fun, so we set up a HipSwap account and created a board of our favorite HipSwap items!

Check what Rush49 thought was super fab HERE!

Max Lebovitz, HipSwap Marketing Coordinator

We also had the pleasure of sitting down with HipSwap Marketing Coordinator, Max! He is an awesome dude who graciously agreed to answer a few questions about HipSwap! Here’s what he had to say:

Name: Max Lebovitz

School: University of Colorado (Boulder – Undergrad), LMU (MBA Program)
Job title: Marketing Coordinator
What is HipSwap? It’s a mobile and web marketplace that lets you discover what’s inside the most fabulous closets, shops, and homes in your neighborhood.
What is your favorite thing about working for HipSwap? The ping-pong tournaments on Fridays…JK. Although I do like that, what I really enjoy is watching the site grow and evolve every day. It’s fun to see (and shop) all the new users and inventory joining the site daily.
What’s up with the mustache? Got too much stash? Sell it on HipSwap!
What did you have for breakfast this morning? Hmmm, I had an Emergen-C  and a bagel with cream cheese, topped with some Sriracha sauce.
A big thank you to Max! Check out HipSwap and let us know what you think!

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