Manas, near USC, is one of the best, authentic Indian food joints in LA! The owners are originally from India, and that definitely translates into the amazing flavors of staple dishes like the Chana Masala!

But why take our word for it? Let’s look at a Yelp review from “Elite ’12,” shall we?!

“Oh God Manas. One of the best Indian food places EVER! I have never seen such a consistently wonderful restaurant. Everyone at my company loves Manas so I order it very frequently. Like twice a day… Anyways, we always get their chicken tikka masala, lamb vindaloo, lamb biryani, chana masala, palak panner, etc. Their naan, garlic naan and cheese naan is also amazing.

I can’t say enough good things about this place, the people are always polite, quick and accurate with every single order (no____ (expletive), I’ve ordered from this place at least 20 times now) Dine-in when you have the time is also great, their buffet has a bunch of entrees, salad, and desserts! Take out is also reliable as well and their lunch specials are amazing!! (8.99 I got chicken tikka, 2 different vegetable curries, a pack of jasmine rice and a salad) Also tried their vegetable samosa and though I had to wait a little bit, it was piping hot and very fresh! Everything is so flavorful makes me drool just thinking about it @_@

They are also awesome at whipping 12 dishes very quickly, delivering it with plates and utensils. An amazingly well rounded restaurant with equally amazing food!!!!

Definitely give it a shot!”

Well there you have it folks! Manas has amazing food! Get $15 for Delish Indian Food and Drinks ($25 value)! Buy that deal HERE!

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