In a city like LA, there is so much to do and so little time. Few of us have the will, want or drive to clean up at home after an 8 hour (plus) work day.

Rush49 thought of YOU, LA, when we put this deal together.

FairWay House Cleaning will provide you with 2 FULL hours of cleaning for only $39 dollars, a $99 value.

We know that letting strangers into your house can be, well creepy, but we did our research and found some great reviews on FairWay! One review on Yelp, from Ingrid J said:

I called to get my carpets cleaned, but ended up getting my house cleaned too! They did a great job on both.  The prices were VERY reasonable for the quality work they did.  The carpet cleaner was so NICE! How rare to get a service professional who ACTUALLY LOVES what he does! I had a small stain on an area rug, and he quoted me the price but I declined as it wasn’t that dire.  After he left, I noticed that he had removed the stain and DIDN’T charge me!  It’s rare to find quality professionals these days where everyone is about just getting to the next job.  The House Cleaning was equally as impressive!

In the mood to get your house spic and span, without lifting a finger? Buy the Rush49 deal HERE!

*As described in the Yelp review,  FairWay also offers carpet cleaning services, however this deal is only valid for the house cleaning service!

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