We Heart Wurstküche.

Photo Source: Gourmet

Looking for good beer, sausage and a German Beer Fest atmosphere in LA? We’ve got you covered. Wurstküche in Venice and DT LA has exotic sausages, great fries,wild dipping sauces and a fun crowd. We stopped by the location in Venice yesterday– you would think it was a club at first glance, with the line of hungry patrons wrapped alongside the brick building (pictured). But once inside the establishment customers snake through a counter setup ordering drinks (we suggest beer), then a sausage, with choices like rattlesnake and veggie Mexican chipotle, there is a little something for everyone. After much deliberation we opted for the veggie apple sausage topped with hot peppers and sauerkraut. We paid, took a number and sat down on bench tables with total strangers.  After a few minutes of great conversation with our new friends, we were served our sausages and fries. We loved the chipotle ketchup that came with our fries, almost as much as the cool crowd!

Check it out, and let us know how you liked it!

Photo Source: Keep it Skinny

Photo Source: LA Weekly

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