We heart Beverly Hills.

Before and After - Brazilian Keratin Blowout

Rush49 visited hair stylist to the stars, Anush in Beverly Hills this week.

Anush has a monopoly on Canon Drive and has styled the hair of notable celebs and socialites, like Paris Hilton. She even has a Yelp review from a former Teen USA Title Holder, Katie Blair!

Anush provides amazing services like hair extensions, cut and color but we opted for the $99 Brazilian Keratin Treatment; a deal we are currently offering on Rush49. We took a “before and after” shot, so you can see what we’re dealing with– VERY CURLY HAIR! For those of you who don’t know, Keratin is a hair straightening treatment.

How it works: The Keratin treatment includes a wash, application of the solution, application of heat (under hair dryer) and a quick flat-iron to seal in the solution. Three days following the service, you cannot wash your  hair – which stinks, literally. BUT after three days you get four whole months of wash and go hair! The level of wave after the treatment depends on your starting point. Because Jen has such curly hair, the treatment will leave her with a “beach wave”. If you have less curls more wave, you’ll come out with straight locks. The Keratin (what your hair is made of) in the solution is responsible for the improvement in the overall look, feel, and health of the hair.

Back to Anush. She is a busy lady and for good reason. She’s a hair whisperer in addition to being a miracle worker. She’ll take one look at your hair and tell you what products, vitamins or treatment you should use! She recommended Jen take a Silica vitamin to stop breakage and improve hair health while promoting growth! Silica can be found at your local Whole Foods or GNC. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Anush and learning more about our individual hair needs!

These photos were taken day ONE of the treatment! We’ll post another photo day four so you can see what Jen’s hair looks like after a wash and go, low maintenance regimen!

Jen and Anush at the Beverly Hills Salon

A huge thank you to Anush!

*Quick tip about this salon: Park at the parking structure off of Santa Monica and Canon, it has 2 hour free parking! Other lots will charge you a whopping 2 bucks an hour!


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