Meet Kumar.

Meet Rush49 Co-Founder, Kumar:

Name: Vamsi Kumar Kotla
Hometown: Hyderabad, India
School: I went to USC for Masters, Computer Science Program and am currently enrolled in LMU, MBA (part-time) program.
Biggest pet peeve? That they chose Lucas Black to play the hero role in “The Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift” and not me (obviously!).
Best thing about working at Rush49? I get to meet and work with so many wonderful people from different parts of the world.
What did you eat for breakfast? Brown rice & black bean burrito from my fave brunch place (Pure Energy Cafe).
Favorite super hero? Ghost Rider, and fave “super” heroine is Eva Mendes 🙂
On a Saturday I am likely to be: Reading The New Yorker Magazine or listening to Carnatic Classical Music.

A big thank you to Kumar, for sitting down with us!

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