Look good, feel great.

Photo Source: News Tumblr

Spring is upon us, and it’s time to get serious about your beach ready bod! In our office, we’ve been trying to get rid of that winter layer,  attempting to make good on our resolutions, choosing carrots over chips and salad over burgers. But regardless of how hard we work on our diet and fitness regiments, we all have those pesky problem areas that wont shape up! We must concede that genes still play a factor in our appearance, ugh. So in odes to that we’ve found an amazing deal for you. Not one, or event two, but rather THREE ZERONA liposuction treatments, for only $299 (1,200 value).  ZERONA liposuction is a much less invasive procedure than your standard lipo session. It allows you to continue with your daily life, no breaks necessary. No bruising, no painful recovery time, just a slimming treatment and the gateway to your best swimsuit body, ever! Not to mention the treatment is offered at the prestigious Beverly Hills Health Center. Don’t let this steal get away. To learn more about this deal, click here.



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