Meet our app, he’s smart.

Newsflash, we’re not the only deal website or app out there. So why did we launch? Why did we even try to compete with powerhouses like Groupon?

One answer, two words: our app.

What makes our app so fancy?!

  • Our app learns about you. Hate getting deals for Rogaine when you have a full head of hair? Don’t worry Rush49 wont recommend things you don’t want or need.  The more you use the app, the more accurate and relevant the deals suggested become. Our app is smart, and it’s learning about what makes you, you.
  • The app can unlearn about you (THIS IS RARE PEOPLE). Did you buy one baby onesie for a friend’s Baby Shower a year ago, but still receive deal suggestions for diapers? Rush49’s customer profiles decay overtime, meaning the app will stop suggesting specific deals, if your preferences change.
  • Location, location, location. Don’t want to drive to DT LA for a free ice cream scoop? The app recognizes your location, what you purchase and where.  Rush49 app suggests deals in areas you are likely to frequent!
  • Reward Points! Did you like, buy, or share a deal? You just got points. If you earn points equal to the value of the deal, the deal is on us! You heard that right, it’s free!  The concept is similar to earning airline miles and getting a free fight, but oodles easier!

Speaking of Reward Points, we’re running a promotion! If you share a deal (via Facebook, twitter or email) and three of your friends buy that deal, you get the deal for FREE! View our deals here.

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