Sometimes a girl just needs a haircut.

Some of us are big fans of the TLC show, “What not to Wear”. It’s something about the loveable, platonic chemistry between Stacy and Clinton. Anyhow we were watching a rerun the other day and the woman featured said something so true, something so many women think, it was a bit eerie. She said something to the effect of “It’s funny how you can buy $5,000 worth of clothing, but one haircut makes you feel like a new woman”. Every girl out there knows what she means by that. It’s silly how such a little thing can make such a big difference. Not only in terms of appearance, but also how we feel about ourselves.

And, while the right haircut can make you feel like a million bucks, damaged hair can make a girl want to run and hide under her sheets. Nothing says “ughh” like unwashed, fried hair.

We were recently introduced to argan oil. It’s a great alternative to hair cream and lotion, which are “so yesterday”. You can use the stuff on your face, hands, neck and your hair! We tried it out and immediately saw results in the look and feel of our skin and hair. We mentioned this to some friends of Rush49, “beta naturals” and they sent over a complimentary bottle of argan oil! We we’re so stoked! We highly recommend switching over from hair cream and lotion to argan oil. If you’re looking for a great brand, beta naturals carries quality products. We give them our stamp of approval!

So, speaking of hair, you’re probably trying to figure out what to do with that unruly flock, for your big date on February 14th. Are we right, or are we right? Well, we thought of that and you’re in luck; Rush49 has great hair deals being offered! If you’re cursed with curly hair, as some of the Rush49 crew are, Anush Hair Design in Beverly Hills, is offering a great deal on a Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Treatment. For those of you with curly hair staring blankly at the computer screen, completely unaware of what a keratin treatment is, boy are you in for a treat! One of our employees, Jen, had a keratin treatment done and she says it was “life changing”. It takes a curl from about a 10 to a 6, while increasing shine and controlling frizz. If it takes you about an hour to do your hair, it will take about 20 minutes, no straightening iron necessary! Can you imagine?! Don’t miss your chance to get beautiful controlled waves!

If you are glossing over the keratin treatment because you have that impossibly straight hair, no worries we have something for you too! Anush Hair Design is also offering $69 for a haircut, blowout & style From celebrity stylists! That is one heck of a deal for a premium, celeb-studded salon in Beverly Hills!

Good luck prepping for the big date ladies and gents! Let us know if you’ve tried argan oil or the keratin treatment and what you thought of them!

beta naturals - argan oil

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