Bargain Shopping Challenge.

As previously mentioned the team is throwing a launch party on Friday (insert OMG here). Being that we are a startup and that our site creates local deals with merchants, we’re a thrifty bunch! Why would you pay $50.00 for a vase at Pottery Barn when you can get the same vase, or its evil twin at Ross for only $15.00?

Eddie and I (Jen) headed out to buy some party staples this morning. We we’re hunting for the following items: flower vases, one neutral colored table cloth, classy ice buckets, serving platters, candles, plates and new art for our barren walls (it looks like a few twenty-something guys decorated HQ, in reality a few thirty-something guys decorated the place).

I have to say that I was incredibly impressed with our total bill! We bought all supplies listed for under $300.00! With catering, cupcakes, drinks, the wine sommelier and our Kindle Fire Giveaway we will still be under budget. Wahoo. We should get involved in city planning. Kumar for California Governor!

New painting - 20 % off!

Platters, candles, table cloth, and side dishes all for under $50.00 at Ross

World Market- Vases, small vases only $2.99 each!

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