Work culture.

Rush49 has a pretty sweet work culture. With a 10:30 start time, super casual dress, free lunches on Fridays–or whenever Kumar gets hungry, a fridge stocked full of Trader Joes’ goodies, and sweet people, we have it made. We’re a lean team, excited by ideas, collaboration and heated discussions. My (Jen D) favorite part about Rush49 is our giant whiteboard; easily the largest piece of “art” we own. It’s the centerpiece of our office, used mostly for brainstorming sessions and jotting down codes or equations. Oddly it was one of the reasons I joined the Rush49 team. It wasn’t so much the whiteboard itself, but rather what it stood for. I figured if a company encouraged bottom-up ideas, and used discussion as a means to address weaknesses, it was a place for me.

So that’s a little about us! We hope you guys keep checking-in as we are going to launch Rush49 in a few weeks, more on that to come!

The Rush49 whiteboard

Photo Credit: browndresswithwhitedots.tumblr.comThe Rush49 whiteboard

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